31 Autumn DIY Fashion Projects
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Wild Guide: 31 Autumn DIY Fashion Projects

Now that it’s officially autumn, it’s time to start digging into some of my favorite materials. Flannel, leather, faux fur — the good things in life. After all, using these supplies means that we’re finally past the days of being sweaty sloths in the summer heat. You know how it goes.

And while I love to indulge in all things autumn (home decor, recipes, and Halloween costumes)… I decided to start with a list of my favorite fall projects that I’ve made over the years. There’s a heck of a lot of them, so I hope you’re ready for some serious fall crafting. I know I am.

1. Patchwork Denim Jacket

DIY: Patchwork Denim jacket

Save those fabric scraps and old band tees for this beginner-friendly DIY. (Wild Amor)

2. Sweater Sleeve Denim Jacket

DIY: Sweater Sleeve Denim Jacket

Inspired by a $60+ Urban Outfitters jacket, I made this for less than 15 bucks. Score. (Wild Amor)

3. Cut-Out Floppy Hat


Floppy hats, cardigans, autumn. These are a few of my favorite things. My tutorial at Brit + Co demonstrates how to add geometric cut outs to your favorite hat. (Brit + Co)

4. Lace Trim Plaid Top

DIY: Lace Trim Plaid Top

Give an old plaid shirt a new breath of life with lace trim and fabric glue. This one is no-sew, too. (eHow)

5. Plaid Patchwork Jeans

DIY: Plaid Patchwork Jeans

Put those plaid flannel scraps to good use (or any fabric scraps, really) in one of my fave no-sew projects to date. (Wild Amor)

6. Stenciled Leather Jacket

DIY: Stenciled Leather Jacket

Does your leather jacket need a quick pick-me-up? Grab some paint and stencils and have at it. (Wild Amor)

7. Shoulder Panel Denim Vest

DIY: Shoulder Panel Denim Vest

For a different take on the back panel denim vest, use unconventional fabric (like this floral upholstery material) and an old band tee. (Wild Amor)

8. Patch Party Denim Jacket

DIY: Patch Party Denim Jacket

It’s like a scrapbook for your jacket. (Wild Amor)

9. Chain Boot Harnesses

DIY: Chain Boot Harness

Use jewelry techniques and supplies to embellish your fave fall boots. They’re removable, too. (Wild Amor)

10. Lace-Up Plaid Top

DIY: Plaid Lace-Up Shirt

Put leftover cord to good use with this simple DIY. Love this one. (Wild Amor)

11. Sweater Beanie 

DIY: Sweater Beanie

Transform an old sweater from the depths of your closet into a beanie or two. It’s also crazy to think this photo was taken four years ago. (Wild Amor)

12. Feather-Trimmed Floppy Hat

DIY: Feather Trim Floppy Hat

Add a feathery touch to a plain wool hat. (eHow)

13. Dip-Dyed Flannel Shirt 

DIY: Dip-Dyed Flannel Shirt

Upgrade an old flannel with a simple dip-dye technique. (Wild Amor)

14. Pearl Beanie 

DIY: Pearl Beanie

Because scrapbook embellishments aren’t just for paper. (Wild Amor)

15. Bandanna Plaid Shirt 

DIY: Bandanna Plaid Shirt

Inspired by an $80+ Free People shirt, this sewing project is perfect for thrift store finds. (Wild Amor)

16. Leather Leaf Charm Necklace


Leather scraps and charms come together to make this fun necklace. (eHow)

17. Wrapped Boots

DIY: Wrapped Boots

Use leftover fabric scraps and jewelry supplies to embellish plain boots. (Wild Amor)

18. Chevron Studded Jacket

DIY: Chevron Studded Jacket

I always get a ton of compliments on this jacket. Forever a staple in my closet. (Wild Amor)

19. Embellished Backpack

DIY: Embellished Backpack

Autumn always remind me of backpacks thanks to the back-to-school season. (Wild Amor)

20. No-Sew Patchwork Jeans

DIY: No-Sew Patchwork Jeans

A simpler take on the plaid patchwork jeans. No-sew, too! (eHow)

21. Leather Lariat Feather Necklace

DIY: Leather Lariat Feather Necklace

Inspired by a $98 Anthropologie version, this necklace project can be made in an afternoon. (eHow)

22. Stenciled Boots

DIY: Stenciled Boots

A footwear take on the Stenciled Jacket project. (Wild Amor)

23. Leather Trim Denim Shirt

DIY: Leather Trim Denim Shirt

Easy no-sew technique for adding a little extra something to a simple denim shirt. (Wild Amor)

24. Polka-Dot Plaid Shirt

DIY: Polka Dot Plaid Shirt

Fans of polka dots will adore this pencil eraser stamping hack. (Brit + Co)

25. One Yard, Two Scarves

DIY: Fleece Scarves

For about 5 bucks, you can make two scarves from a single yard of fleece. Plus, it only requires basic sewing skills. (eHow)

26. Faux Fur Pom-Pom Beanie

DIY: Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie

Take a scrap of faux fur and transform it into a fun and flirty pom-pom. (eHow)

27. Faux Button Sweater Leg Warmers

DIY: Faux Button Leg Warmers

Here’s another way to re-use those old sweaters. These are perfect for high boots! (eHow)

28. Mixed-Print Infinity Scarf

DIY: Mixed Print Infinity Scarf

Mix and match patterns in this beginner-friendly scarf DIY. Pair it with a monochrome outfit for an edgy twist. (eHow)

29. Beaded Cat Ear Wire Headband

DIY: Beaded Wire Cat Headband

A project for Halloween… obviously. Or just another average day. I won’t judge. (eHow)

30. Feather Bracelets 

DIY: Feather Bangle Bracelets

Spruce up bangles with feather and glue for nature-inspired wrist candy. (eHow)

31. Studded Sweater Leg Warmers

DIY: Studded Sweater Leg Warmers

Another take on the sweater leg warmer idea. This one uses iron-on studs for an easy decorative touch. (Wild Amor)

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