Dirt: Homemade Sriracha
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Dirt: 6 Steps to Stellar Homemade Sriracha

When it comes to DIY versions of traditionally store-bought things, I nerd out hard. Like, real hard. This homemade sriracha is no exception. When I first took on this recipe for Dirt MagazineDig Inn‘s online food magazine, my brain couldn’t stop buzzing. There are so many ways this could be done.

Interestingly enough, creating this reminded me how making instead of buying isn’t for everyone. It’s easier to fork over a couple bills and walk away with whatever it is that you need. I get it. Yet, I’ve had this obsession with everything and anything homemade for as long as I can remember.

Maybe it’s the ability to control every step of the way. Maybe it’s the act of creating something of nothing. Or maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever it is, I’m into it.

That’s why I’m all about this recipe. You’ll know exactly what’s going in this magic potion of spicy goodness while earning some major kitchen cred. You can even control the spiciness and garlicky flavor. Your sriracha, your rules.

Visit the homemade sriracha recipe right here.

xx K