Pomegranate Chai Ginger Fizz
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Recipe: Pomegranate Chai Ginger Fizz

During the holiday season, my obsession with delicious beverages multiplies by a thousand or so. I mean, there’s just something so refreshing about enjoying seasonal ingredients in a glass. It also probably stems from my addiction to coffee and tea, but that’s another story. And while nothing beats a simple hot chocolate or green tea, …

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Pumpkin Graham Cracker Truffle Recipe
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How To Make Pumpkin Graham Cracker Truffles

In honor of (what feels like) autumn coming to an end, this week’s recipe revolves around pumpkin. Surprise, right? For me, Thanksgiving seems like the unofficial end of fall, making way for notes of peppermint and gingerbread. And while I love both, there’s something so comforting about pumpkin recipes. So when this easy truffle idea …

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eHow Everything Bagel Strata Recipe by Kirsten Nunez
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eHow: Everything Bagel Strata Recipe

Some people take brunch seriously. Like, real seriously. And I don’t blame them, because there are few things better than breakfast foods. Not only is it the most important meal of the day (it reduces afternoon hunger and is associated with lower blood glucose and cholesterol… all that good ol’ nutritiony stuff) but it’s just so satisfying after …

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Fizzy Apple Ginger Whiskey
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How To Make Fizzy Ginger Apple Whiskey

Autumn might be all about pumpkin-flavored everything, but we can’t forget about all the other fall drink flavors. And after a few weeks of sharing pumpkin crafts and recipes, I decided it was time to share something a little different. This boozy beverage brings together fizzy ginger beer by Bundaberg, local apple cider, and whiskey. …

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Autumn Chai Smoothie Bowl
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Autumn Chai Smoothie Bowl Recipe

During the fall, Wild Amor tends to turn into a food blog, and I’m all about it. There’s something so comforting about the spicy-sweet notes of autumn. Chai is a personal favorite of mine, so I knew I had to make a chai smoothie concoction. (Actually, this past weekend I had chai apple cider at …

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Pumpkin Cous Cous Cakes Recipe
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Pumpkin Couscous Cake Recipe

Another pumpkin project? You bet. Autumn officially began a few days ago, and I’m already diving head first into the seasonal recipes and tutorials. Plus, I’ve been obsessing over new veggie burger recipes lately. Just last week I made cauliflower, chickpea, and red pepper burgers on a whim, because those were the exact ingredients left in …

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