DIY Crystal Moss Pendant
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Moss & Crystal Pendant DIY

If I can incorporate natural elements into a project, you know I’m all about it. After all, one of my favorite projects is this set of DIY Dried Flower Anchor Ornaments. I also recently made a Moss & Succulent Wreath and a Coffin Succulent Planter. Granted, those succulents aren’t real – but I’m still in love. Recently, I was trying to figure out a way put a broken quartz crystal to good use. Same deal with a bag of leftover moss. The end result? An easy jewelry DIY that reminds me of woodlands and mountains.

DIY Crystal Moss Pendant


  • Quartz crystal
  • Flat charm
  • Reindeer moss
  • Strong craft glue/E6000
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

DIY Crystal Moss Pendant

1. Glue the flat charm to the quartz crystal. The more flat and narrow the charm is, the better. Light charms also work best for this.

DIY Crystal Moss Pendant

2. Rip apart the moss and glue around the top of the crystal. You might find that hot glue is easier for this. Either way, make sure to head outside if you’re using E6000. And if you’re using hot glue, watch those digits.

DIY Crystal Moss Pendant

3. Once dry, add the pendant to a chain and rock your new piece. Literally.

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DIY Crystal Moss Pendant

Happy making ~

xx K