DIY Marbled Heart Soap
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How to Make DIY Marbled Soap in the Shape of Hearts (Darice Crafts)

My love for handmade extends far beyond fashion, decor, and food. We can’t forget about beauty products and toiletries! After all, these are things that many of us use on the daily. But when you make your own, you get to choose everything from the ingredients to the scents. It’s the best kind of practical personalization.

Over the years, I’ve made things like peppermint lip balm, essential oil facial moisturizer, and body butter bars. Needless to say, I’m obsessed. For my latest project at Darice, I used a candy mold, goat’s milk soap, and soap dye to make a set of mini DIY marbled heart soaps. How charming are they?

You can easily turn it into a Valentine’s Day gift by tossing them in a drawstring or cellophane bag. Or you can make a set for your bathroom, complete with coordinating colors. Love it.

To make your own, head on over to Darice Crafts to learn how make DIY marbled soap in the shape of hearts.

xx K