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DIY: Headband Earmuffs

This project was inspired by two things: this pair of earmuffs I found on a few months ago, and having really cold ears during New York’s chilly winters. I can’t remember the exact cost of the inspiration piece, but it was definitely pricey -a couple hundred US dollars, if not more. This version will cost you way less!

– Headband (I got mine at H&M)
– Faux fur fabric (at least a 25×25 inch piece)
– Vintage brooch (optional)
Not shown: Hot glue gun, jewelry pliers, scissors, sewing needle, thread

4) Whip stitch around the edge. Repeat 1-4 on the other side.

5) Pry off the pin back on the booch with jewelry pliers, then hot glue onto the headband.

Stay warm!
1) Cut out 2 circles. Mine were 3 1/2 inches wide. It might help to make a cardboard template for your circles before cutting the faux fur.

2) Hot glue the back of one circle, to the backside of one end of the headband. I made mine so that an inch of the headband was glued to the circle. (Tip: Before gluing anything down, try on the headband-fur combination to figure out proper/comfortable placement)

3) Attach the other circle, back side facing the other back side, with a little bit of hot glue.

Stay warm!