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DIY: Elastic Brad Belt

This project uses thick elastic and the least expected item for any kind of fashion DIY… scrapbooking brads. These are usually used to accent photographs & pages, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. I found these large circle brads in silver/gold/brass/copper, and used them to “stud” a waist belt made from sewing elastic.

– Thick sewing elastic
– Scrapbooking brads of your choice
– Metal belt closure (I took mine from a thrifted belt)
– White gel pen
– Hot glue gun

1) Measure a piece of elastic at the length desired – I decided to make mine a waist belt. Add half an inch to an inch at both ends. Slip an end of the elastic through one of the belt closures and secure with some hot glue.

2) Measure equal increments along the elastic, and mark with the gel pen. I made mine at 2 inch increments.

3) Carefully insert the brads and bend the prongs to secure them (below). If you’d like, use a little hot glue to further secure the prongs.

4) Insert the rest of the brads along the elastic.

5) Glue the other end to the second half of the closure.

Who says scrapbooking can’t be stylish?