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DIY: Vintage Photo Plate

This is one of those project ideas that have been on my mind for a while. Often, an idea pops into my head, but I’m not quite sure how to execute it. Just take a look at my notebook, planner, and virtual note apps. So many ideas without the details figured out yet. This is …

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DIY: Jewelry Frame Tray

I love storage options that can double as decor. Might as well have fun with it! There’s nothing better than a piece that is both functional and decorative. This project is really easy, and only uses a few inexpensive supplies. Keep reading to see how I made it!   Supplies: Faux leather Contact Paper Scissors …

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diy: Vintage Dress Reconstruction

If you follow me on Instagram (@kirsten_nunez), you might have seen this before and after picture I posted of a dress reconstruction I recently did. I found a vintage Liz Clairborne dress at Goodwill for about $6, shoulder pads and all. I took the pads out, cut off the sleeves, and chopped off about 6 …

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DIY: Scarf Vest

  One step DIY’s are the best. Am I right or am I right? I recently made this scarf into a more wearable piece of clothing, by simply cutting two slits. It’s all about where you cut the slits. The best part: you can still wear it as a scarf if you wanted to. Some …

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