Strawberry Basil Ricotta Pizza
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How To Make Strawberry Basil Honey Ricotta Pizza

Summer is basically done, you guys. And as someone who despises humidity, I am pretty freakin’ stoked. Granted, I might not be saying the same thing in the dead of winter, but that’s another story. Until then, I’ll settle with the cool breezes and autumn projects. However, I couldn’t let that happen without one last summery “hurrah”… …

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How To Infuse Honey With Rose
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How Infuse Honey With Rose

My home is filled with jars and jars of dried flowers, herbs, and spices… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. These materials bring food and crafting to an entirely new level. Floral face scrubs? Yes, please. Homemade teas? I’ll take three. And then there’s things like cinnamon soy wax melts, air fresheners, and lavender …

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Matcha Mango Bark Recipe
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Matcha Mango Bark (matchaLOVE Recipe)

From coconut cinnamon bun smoothies to pumpkin sunbutter chocolate cups, healthy sweets are kind of my obsession. I also love how you can control the flavor and sweetness – something that I appreciate about homemade food in general. So, when matcha LOVE asked me to whip something up with their culinary matcha, you know I …

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How to Make Bird's Nest Cookies for Easter
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How to Make Bird’s Nest Cookies for Easter

The spring vibes are real, people. After my first winter back in New York from California, I’ve been impatiently waiting for warmer weather. Granted, I’m one big sneeze-ball during this season… but something’s gotta give. All the delish spring treats will be worth it! Exhibit A: these charming bird’s nest cookies. I’ve seen these around …

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Coconut-Crusted French Toast Recipe

On most mornings, I make a veggie omelette. Other times, I’ll eat banana pancakes (highly recommended!) or a bagel with cream cheese, spices, and veggies. All of them are fool-proof favorites that I can eat every single day. But lately? I’ve been really into crazy French toast recipes. It all started with this gingersnap-crusted French toast …

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Leftover Gingerbread House Whiskey Truffles
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Recipe: Leftover Gingerbread House Whiskey Truffles

I hate wasting food. Always have, always will. This holds true even for the sweets and not-so-great-for-you treats. (I’m looking at you, gingerbread houses.) And since we all know the holiday season is FULL of said treats… I couldn’t help but brainstorm a way to put a leftover gingerbread house to good use. After all, …

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