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DIY: Gold Tip Combat Boots

I’ve been wanting to add “metal” tips to a pair of brown combat boots for quite some time, but knew I didn’t want to use acrylics or spray paint. I was looking for something for metallic looking – almost chrome – that had that bright finish. Chrome spray paint would probably work, but I liked the idea of being able to control the paint with a brush. After a few rounds at my local Michael’s trying to hunt something down, I came across Martha Stewart’s Liquid Gilding. JUST what I needed. I chose Gold, but it’s also available in Brass, Copper and Silver. Count on Martha to save the day.


See how I made it below, along with tips on how to use liquid gilding:







– Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding (About $7 at Michael’s)
– Masking and/or electrical tape
– Soft bristled paint brush
– Scissors
– Combat boots, or shoes of your choice
– Scrap newspaper/magazines and popsicle stick (not shown)
– Nail polish remover and cotton swabs, optional

You’ll also need an open, well ventilated space to work in. Outside is the best bet.

1) Tape off the tip of each boot. Most combat boots will probably have a seam that will guide you. You can also tape off the heel, too. I used multiple pieces of tape around the tips to work with the rounded shape of each boots.


2) Mix the liquid gilding really, really well. Settling is natural with liquid gilding, so the metallic part will be on the bottom. I used a Popsicle stick to mix mine up.

3) Firmly press down on the tape to ensure that it is adhered to the boot. Begin painting the tips in short, even strokes.


4) Let dry at least 24 hours, then remove the tape. In order to fix up mistakes, you can use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove any stray liquid gilding.
If possible, try not to wear your gold (or silver/brass/copper) tip boots when it’s raining/snowing (I waited until it was done raining to take this picture!) – This will help keep that metallic luster of the liquid gilding.

Enjoy your new autumn boots!

xx, K