Embroidery: Eye See You
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Embroidery: Eye See You, Too

Plants can feel what’s going on around them. It’s Mother Nature at its finest. According to my plant lady friends, plants can also hear when you sing to them. I totally believe it.

Embroidery: Eye See You

After all, just because they don’t have ears doesn’t mean they can’t “hear” (feel) through different means. Nature is way more complicated than us humans can ever comprehend.

Embroidery: Eye See You

Humans are also quick to judge the plants around us, whether or not we realize it. Absorbing the beauty of foliage is a visual process; they’re the rock stars of our surroundings. Alternatively, their absence is just as loud.  There’s a reason why you can tell whether you’re in the country or the city, the West or the East. Plants set the vibe for everything around us.

If plants had eyes, what would they say about us?

xx K