diy: Infinity Wire Necklace

The simplest ideas often make the best kind of projects. The infinity sign is a popular symbol, right up there with peace signs, hearts, etc. With just a short strand of a wire and a little bit of handiwork, you can create your very own infinity symbol necklace. Another great beginner DIY project, too!
Jewelry pliers are not only used to cut the wire, but the wire is actually formed around the handles to create the loops. After all, nothing’s better than making the best of what you have. See how I made it, below —

Supplies:– Clear Nail Polish
– Gold 14 Gauge Aluminum Wire

– Long Strand of Gold Chain
– 2 8mm Jump Rings
– 3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers
1) Cut a strand of wire measuring about 5 inches long.
2) To make the infinity shape, you’re going to wrap the wire around the plier’s handle. Place the wire on the handle about 1.5 in (3.81 cm) from the end.


3) Wrap the end of the wire around, under and over the plier’s handle. You’ll be left with something a little like the second photo above.
4) Place the wire on the plier’s handle, right after the loop you just made.
5) Bring the end of the wire around, under and up past the first loop.
6) Remove the wire shape from the pliers.
7) Cut away the excess. This will be easier if you lift up the end of the wire.
8) Attach the chain to both sides of the infinity sign using the pliers and small jump rings.
9) Optional: Add a drop of clear nail polish to the center of the infinity loop to secure. Let dry completely, turn over, and add another drop.
I’ve been styling this infinity sign necklace with my Ettika Gold Feather on Black Rosary Necklace. Love the way they layer together! You can make your infinity necklace shorter, if you prefer. Mine is about 20 inches long, so it compliments the 32 inch rosary necklace really well.


Xo, Kirsten
FTC Disclaimer:
The Gold Feather on Black Rosary Necklace was provided by Ettika for review and consideration. All thoughts & comments are my own. Click here to read more about collaborations and sponsorships.