diy: Graffiti Converse Hi Tops

This is another one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. My mental (and physical) DIY to do list goes on for miles, so maybe someday I’ll get around to everything! This how-to features a graffiti look on a pair of unbleached white hi tops that I recently bought. Keep on reading to see how I did it —



Converse Hi Tops (I used Unbleached White Hi-Tops. Any lighter color, like Charcoal Gray/Optic White/etc would work!)
– Stencil Foam Brush (Known as a dauber. I chose a fairly small/thin one.)
– Thin Paint Brush (Your choice!)
– Black Fabric Paint (or Black Acrylic Paint + Fabric Medium)
Before Starting:
Remove the shoe laces.
1) Dip the dauber into paint…and just go at it! The key to making this look like graffiti/sprayed on is to not keep your brush super saturated with paint at all times. Let it dry out a bit and just keep on going.
2) Opt for bold, abstract shapes and letters.
3) You can use the normal paint brush to add edgy details to what you’ve already drawn.
4) I added hash marks to the S & P letters – looks cooler already!
5) Try criss crossing lines with both brushes.
6) Don’t forget to also add random marks without rhyme or reason. The more irregular, the better.


7) Don’t forget about the tongues.
8) Add some details around the eyelets.
9) Finally, when the bulk of your lines, shapes and letters are done, use the remaining paint on a nearly dry brush to fill in the empty spaces.
10) It’s one of those things, though, that will look better when worn over time.
Add the shoe laces back in, and you’re good to go.


Xo, Kirsten