DIY Color Blocked Thread-Wrapped Belt
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diy: Colorblock Thread Wrapped Belt


I was browsing Polyvore a while back, and came across a $52 J. Crew belt. It was super cute, but I knew it could easily be DIY’d – and I happened to have all of the supplies on hand. It’s really simple, and can easily be done within an hour or so.


Photo Credit: J. Crew, Amina Belt, $52It’s really easy to customize, especially with the endless color combinations of embroidery thread!


Supplies: – Skinny belt
– Assorted colors of embroidery thread*
– Scissors
– Elmer’s glue

* The amount of thread you’ll need will depend on how much you want to cover your belt, and how much of each color you’ll be using. I used all of the thread pictured above (2 full skeins and some leftover turquoise) but I ended up using extra thread I had in my stash. Luckily I had more of the same colors, which wasn’t included in the photograph above. I’d recommend getting at least 2 skeins of embroidery thread in each color, just to be safe.

1) Choose a spot on your belt to start wrapping the thread. I started near the hole next to the hole I use to buckle the belt. Tie the thread around the belt with a few knots, making sure the knot on the back side.



2) Start tightly wrapping the thread around the belt.


3) Continue wrapping the thread until you’re ready to start the next color. Slip the end under the thread that’s already wrapped around the belt, and tie it off with a few knots.


4) Tie the next thread color. Cut off the excess, but not too much at first. You might need to re-tighten or re-tie some knots when you’re all finished.


5) Repeat with the new color.


6) Continue until you’re done with the entire belt. You can repeat the color patterns, or choose a random sequence. You can also either repeat or change the width of each color. Totally up to you.



7) When you’re done, make sure all of the knots are tight enough to hold the wrapped thread in place. Then, cut off all of the excess thread.


8) Place small dots of Elmer’s glue on each of the knots, and let dry completely.


This skinny belt came with a cardigan I bought from a Barney’s NY Outlet. The thread cost me about $2 total, and the belt was pretty much free since I already had it on hand. In total, a similar belt to J. Crew’s $52 belt cost me next to nothing, and it was in the colors I wanted.

Xo, Kirsten