Everyone loves a little arm candy, especially during the summer months. Stacking on the bracelets is a fun way to mix and match different elements, something I’ve always loved doing! This particular project is pretty simple and sweet; you can probably make a few within in an afternoon. It was inspired by a bracelet I spotted at Barneys NY. The original used metal beads, but was more or less made using the same technique. Mine costs me about $40 less, though!


When I saw the bracelet at Barneys, I thought of the waxed linen cord I had in my supply stash. This type of cord reminds me of summer outfits and the beach! To see how I made it, keep reading 🙂



– Thin Waxed Linen Cord (or any other type of thin cord)
– Jewelry clasp, at least 2 jump rings and 2 crimp beads
– 16 Beads  (I used beads that are known as “E” beads, from Michael’s)
Just be sure that the holes are big enough to fit two strands of cord!
– Scissors & 3-in-1 Jewelry Pliers (not shown)

1) Cut a long piece of cord, 8 times the length of your wrist.

2) Fold the length of cord perfectly in half, and tie a small knot/loop. If you’d like, tie another knot a few inches down for a little decoration.


3) It might help to tape the cord down while you work. Slide one bead onto one strand (2nd photo). Take the other strand and insert it through the bottom side of the hole (as indicated by the arrow in the 2nd photo) and through the bead. Tighten and pull both strands straight, and you should end up with the 3rd photo.

4) Slide two beads onto one strand of the cord (1st photo). Insert the other strand through the bottom side and through the bead (indicated by the arrow in the 1st photo) and tighten/pull. You’ll the end up with the 2nd photo. Repeat again, with three beads (3rd photo).

5) Slide four beads onto one of the strands, and thread the other strand through (1st photo). You’ll end up with the 2nd photo above, the widest part of the diamond.



6) Continue repeating the same technique, with three beads, and then again with two.

7) And the one last time, with one bead.

8) Slide a crimp bead onto one of the strands.


9) Take the end of that strand and carefully thread it back through the crimp bead, so that a small loop forms.

10) Flatten the crimp bead with the flat portion of the jewelry pliers.

11) Repeat Steps 8-10 on the other strand. Insert a jump ring through both of the loops, and then attach to a jewelry clasp.

12) If you’d like, tie another knot between the beaded diamond and the clasp, just as you did in the first half.

Your bracelet is all done!

I made three different kinds so far, and am planning on making more soon. Possibly alternating rows of the diamond with different colors?

Hope you enjoyed this simple and sweet bracelet DIY! Happy weekend.

Xo, Kirsten