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diy: Multi-Strand Chain Watch

When you’re a crafty lady, it’s easy to build up a stash of random chains. With that said – this is a stash-buster DIY that will put all that leftover chain to good use!
It’s really simple and easy to make, even for beginner DIY’ers and jewelry makers. Check out how I made it below: 

– Watch with a strap that can be cut off
(Try stores such as Target or Claire’s for simple, affordable watches)
– Large jump rings (at least 4)
– Jump rings and jewelry clasp
– Jewelry pliers
– Scissors & ruler (not shown)
– Assorted strands of chain…colors & types are up to you!
Each should be at least the length of your wrist.

1) Measure the entire metal component of the watch. Keep this measurement in mind; mine was 1.25 inches. Next, cut off the strap so that you’re left with just the face.

2)  Measure your wrist if you haven’t already. This should be the length at which you can comfortably wear a bracelet. Take this number, and subtract the measurement of the watch’s face from Step 1. Whatever measurement you’re left with, trim each strand of chain so that it is roughly that long.
For example, my wrist measurement was about 6 inches, so I subtracted 1.25 (my watch’s face) from 6. I was left with 4.75 inches, so I trimmed each strand chain to be roughly 4.75.

3) Attach one of the large jump rings to one end of the watch’s face.

4) Slip on the strands of chain onto the open jump ring. It might help to hold the jump ring with the pliers while doing so.

5) Carefully close the jump ring.

6) Attach another large jump ring to the other end of the watch’s face. Take the other end of the chains and slip it onto the jump ring. Close when finished.

Chains attached to both sides of the face.

7) Using either the pliers or scissors (depending on the type of chain), cut the strands of chain in half so that there’s about the same amount on each side.

8) On one side, take a large jump ring and attach the ends of the chain onto the jump ring.

9) Repeat on the other side. Attach the smaller jump rings (as many as needed, if the watch as a whole is a tad bit too short).

10) Attach the jewelry clasp.
Of course, you can go a couple different ways with this project. You don’t have to use a mix of chains; feel free to use all silver, gold, brass, etc. if that’s something you prefer. You can also even use chains that are all the same type or width, for something more uniform and less mixed. You can even bring in some other textures, such as ribbon, fabric or thread. Totally up to you.