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eHow DIY: Watermelon Dress

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking, “This girl is obsessed with watermelon print”! In a way, I kind of am. I love how easy it is to transform anything into a “watermelon” using a specific color scheme and repeating pattern. Red, green and black teardrops — it’s all you need to get the point across. It’s also …

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diy: Vintage Dress Reconstruction

If you follow me on Instagram (@kirsten_nunez), you might have seen this before and after picture I posted of a dress reconstruction I recently did. I found a vintage Liz Clairborne dress at Goodwill for about $6, shoulder pads and all. I took the pads out, cut off the sleeves, and chopped off about 6 …

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diy: Vintage Dress Reconsctruction

I just posted this on Instagram, but thought I’d share it here. I recently took a slightly oversized, long button down thrifted dress ($4!) and shortened it. When worn with a waist belt (thrifted Vince Camuto for FIVE dollars!), it’s the perfect warm weather gathered dress. Clearly, I’m ready for this New York winter to be …

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