Darice DIY: No-Weave Floral Tapestry
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Darice DIY: No-Weave Floral Tapestry

When you take on projects practically every single day, you begin to form a new appreciation for the simple ones. Of course, that’s not to say the complicated project aren’t worth doing. Trust me, I’m all for taking on the time-consuming creations; it always feel SO amazing once it’s finished. 

Exhibit A: Chevron Studded Leather Jacket

Exhibit B: Duct Tape Prom Dress at eHow 

Exhibit C: Blake Lively’s Gucci Shirt at Brit & Co

… Yeah, I like them crazies.

Regardless, the super simple techniques will always have a special place in my heart. They’re ideal for getting that crafting itch out of the way, using up leftover supplies, and prepping yourself for a bigger version. 

Extra points for when they’re a “faux” version that can double as something else. My latest tapestry project at Darice is the prime example; this little one was made with nothing more than plastic canvas and embroidery thread, two things that are the epitome of crafting basics.

Want to make your own? Head to Darice Crafts’ blog. It’s SUPER easy, I promise! No weaving required for this baby.

You can find the tutorial right here.

xx K