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diy: Rhinestone Wrapped Bracelet

There are honestly SO many thread-wrapped-rhinestone-cord-chain-etc etc etc tutorials out there. Regardless, I still decided to make and share this because of the actual supplies it uses. The cord used in this project is actually something extremely ordinary and will cost you practically nothing. …It used to be the handle of a gift bag! Actually, …

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diy: Rhinestone and Bow ID Case

When I was younger, I used to adore Hello Kitty. Today, I might be (almost) in my mid-20’s, but I still love her just as much. It’s one of those things that keeps life fun and cute…especially when you have to start growing up. We all know gets life super stressful sometimes, so I think …

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DIY: Painted Rhinestone Earrings

The painted rhinestone jewelry by Tom Binns have caused quite the stir – I’m sure you’ve seen the painted rhinestone necklaces on other DIY fashion blogs. When I saw his jewelry on Net-A-Porter, I knew I that my leftover rhinestone trim from M&J trimming would be perfect for some earring versions! Jenni at I Spy …

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DIY: Snake Wrap Bracelet

This DIY starts off pretty crazy – but I promise the finished piece is way cooler! You might even have all of the supplies already…except the rubber snake. If you’re into accessories of any kind, I’m sure you’ve noticed the snake trend going on in rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It’s been around for a while, …

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