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DIY Leftovers: Sweashirt Necklace, Sweatshirt Headband

…As promised!

Two quick DIY’s using the leftovers from the Sweatshirt Blazer. More specifically, the collar and the bottom portion…

…become a necklace and a (warm!) headband.


Trim excess fabric along the seam with a good pair of scissors. Trim down either side of the collar to your desired length. Take some sew on gems – or buttons, or beads, or a combination of everything – and sew/hot glue them to the collar. Measure two long pieces of silk or grosgrain ribbon, sew/hot glue each piece onto either side.


Trim excess fabric along the seam, trim the entire piece so that it’s short enough to fit around your head. Make sure to leave about an inch or so for sewing or gluing. Attach the ends together. Take a piece of scrap fabric, tie a bow, trim it down if needed, then sew or glue on.

I paid $5 for that sweatshirt in the last DIY. Definitely got my money’s worth. 

Also, a huge thank you to Shine Yahoo! for including S&P in the feature, “10 fashion blogs you may not know…but should” ! I was glad to recognize some other names on that list, too.