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DIY: Mini Glass Terrarium

Here’s a little side project that I whipped up yesterday while I snowed in! A tiny terrarium that can fit in the palm of my hand.
The glass portion is actually an upside down candle holder. A great, inexpensive alternative to most glass containers (especially those specifically made for terrariums). I cut out a green felt circle that was about the same diameter and circumference as the glass holder’s opening. I hot glued reindeer moss, along with a tiny fake tree, a handmade wooden button (purchased from a flea/craft market), a red resin rose and a bone skull bead.
I simply placed the felt on top of a birch wood coaster and added the glass holder on top. Both the wood coaster and glass candle holder were purchased at Michael’s. I did not actually hot glue the felt to the coaster…this would allow me to easily change it up in the future! I can use the leftover felt to create more circles, and therefore different kinds of terrarium arrangements.
Some ideas I have are feathers or real branches with paper/resin flowers. Can’t wait to make more.
xx K