DIY: Sweater Arm Warmers, Leg Warmers, Headband & Circle Scarf


One thrifted turtleneck knit sweater = arm warmers, headband, leg warmers and a circle scarf!


– Turtleneck knit sweater. I purchased mine at Goodwill for just $2.99.
– Scissors

– Matching thread
– Needle or sewing machine
– Sewing pins 

Arm Warmers:



For the arm warmers, I cut off the ribbed portion of the sleeves.


On each piece, I sewed 3/4 of an inch down, about 1 inch in from the side where my thumb would go. This would separate my thumb from the rest of my fingers.


It’s a good idea to slip the fabric onto your hand to gauge where exactly (and how much) you should sew.
Leg Warmers:


For the leg warmers, I cut off each sleeve, and trimmed both pieces to even them out.
Then I sewed down the edges to finish them off.


With the widest end around the foot, they make easy leg warmers.Headband:

For the headband, I cut off the turtleneck portion of the sweater.


I cut the strip in half, like above.


Right sides facing each other, I sewed along the bottom of the strip then turned it right out side out.
Right sides facing each other (again), I sewed the two sides back together.


I then trimmed off the extra thread and fabric.


I bunched up the fabric in the center of the headband, and secured it with a few stitches.
Circle Scarf:


Making the scarf was the easiest. I simply cut off the remaining top portion and was left with the majority of the sweater.
I pinned and sewed off the top edge to finish it off.


Slip it around your neck, and it’s an instant (cozy) scarf.
Depending on the type of sweater you use, your four different accessories might turn out differently than mine. But that also means the possibilities are pretty much endless. Check the thrift store or even your closet for a knit sweater – you’ll be surprised what you can come up with!xo.