DIY Stone Air Plant Holder
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DIY Stone Air Plant Holder

Air plants are too cool. You can’t deny it. For starters, they defy the “typical” plant, as they don’t need any soil to survive. They can also “live” in countless containers, making them super versatile. Plus, they’re real easy to care for, and only need to be soaked once a month. (Brown thumbs, I’m looking at you.) Talk about a low maintenance plant! Needless to say, I’ve been really into DIY air plant holders lately. This one brings in a jewelry-infused spin, thanks to the simple wire-wrapping technique. Here’s how to make it.


  • Large stone bead
  • 24-gauge wire
  • 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
  • Cord or thread

1. Cut a long strand of wire, at least 30 inches. (You can always trim it down later!) At one end, create a loop and twist to secure.

2. Slide on the stone bead.

3. Wrap the wire around the stone bead 3 to 5 times. Bring the wire back underneath itself near the bottom hole of the bead. (Look closely at the bottom of above bead for reference.)

4. Create a large loop, then twist around the base (bottom of the bead, top of the loop).

5. Make a second loop, and twist/insert the wire through the base once more.

6. Create a third loop, and twist/insert to secure.

7. Tightly twist the remaining wire around the base. Press down the end to secure, using your fingers (be careful!) or pliers.

8. Bend the three loops into each other to create a “cage” structure. You might have to adjust this depending on the air plant.

9. Carefully insert the air plant to the wire cage.

DIY Stone Air Plant Holder

10. If you’d like to hang the holder with cord or thread, cut a strand and weave through the top wire loop. Tie tightly.

DIY Stone Air Plant Holder


How easy, right? It has a very Free People-esque vibe to it, for a fraction of the price.

As always, you can easily personalize this project to fit your taste and style. Instead of a stone bead, you can use a bead made of metal, faceted glass, or wood. If you’re into clay, you use a chunky homemade clay bead. (I think I might need to try that next). All it takes is some clever wire wrapping.

For another air plant holder project, check out my Clay Air Plant Holder DIY.

Happy crafting ~

xx K