diy: Side Lace Sweatshirt


I realize it’s July…but you know those chilly summer nights like to sneak up on us once in a while. I’ve had this navy blue Hanes sweatshirt for a while, so I thought it’d be perfect to make a semi-casual cover up for those nights. I also had some lace leftover from the Ombre Lace Top, so I wanted to use some of that up.


– Sweatshirt
– Lace. 6 inches wide & 25 inches long should be more than enough.
– RIT Dye (I initially used Teal, but re-dyed with Navy Blue)
– Water and bucket/tub

– Rubber gloves
– Scissors
– Sewing machine and thread


1) Dye the lace. You’ll need a little patience for the lace to start absorbing the dye. As I said when I made the Ombre Lace Top, RIT Dye isn’t made for polyester, so your lace won’t be a rich shade of color.


With that said, Teal came out as baby blue on lace. I wasn’t really feeling that shade, but thankfully, with DIY – anything goes. I dyed it again in some Navy Blue, and it came out in this purple-y blue shade. Loved it!
Rinse, until the water runs completely clear.



2) Cut off the bottom band of the sweatshirt.


3) Cut both bottom corners of the sweatshirt, like above.


4) Take those cut out triangles and place them on top of the lace for guidance.



5) Cut out the lace, about an inch bigger all around than the sweatshirt triangles.


6) Sew the left and right sides of the triangle to give it a clean edge.


7) Pin one side…



8) … Sew



9) And repeat on the other side.



10) Cut off the collar. As always, cut really close to the seam, and then cut more from there if needed. It’s better to start off with cutting too little than too much.



If you’d like, hem the collar and bottom. I preferred the raw edges, although I might change my mind at some point.



I was really close to holding this one off and waiting until the fall to share this, but I was outside last night around midnight and it was pretty chilly. Needless to say I thought, looks like I’ll be posting that sweatshirt after all. I’ll probably end up using this for the late nights by the pool or at the beach!

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xo 🙂