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diy: Painted Seashell Earrings



Nothing says summer like seashells, especially in a bright shade of coral. These earrings are handmade versions of the “SHREVE,CRUMP & LOW Estate Collection Coral Shell Clip Earrings“, found on 1stdibs.com. Super cute, but also $4,250. Obviously the 14K gold might have something to do with it, but I could personally care less about that part. I made my own version for about .00000362% (or so) of the original price.





– 2 seashells, from the beach or the store. I got mine at M&J Trimming in NYC.
– 2 gold charms

– Jewelry pliers
– Wire cutters (if your pliers don’t have them)
– E6000/super glue
– Pair of earring posts and backings
– Paintbrush
– Acrylic paint of your choice. I mixed neon pink & orange (& later some white)
– Metallic acrylic paint (that matches your charms)

I got these little guys at Beads on Fifth in NYC. Any kind of marine life charms would be perfect for this; seahorses, starfish, boats, or even more seashells.



1) Paint the shells whatever color you’d like, and let dry.
2) Twist the loops off of the charms with the pliers. Use the wire cutters – or the wire cutter part if your pliers have it – to even out the metal.


3) Glue the pieces onto shells.

 4) Accent with some metallic paint, if you’d like; I used gold. Let dry.



5) Glue the earring posts to the back of the shells, and let dry overnight.
 Mine kind of look like strawberries! I’m loving the summer-y coral color
Xo, Kirsten