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diy: Gilded Arm Cuff

Come summer time, I love dresses and tank tops just as much as the next girl. However, the fun opportunities for more jewelry make me love summer even more. Arm cuffs have always been a favorite of mine – I’ve made quite a few with stretchy string and metal beads. They add a funky, interesting vibe to any outfit, giving you another chance to accessorize. This time around, I thought I’d give it a shot with some thick wire and bead accents. The tutorial is below!



 Supplies:– 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
– 14 gauge aluminum wire

– 28 gauge wire
– Wine bottle, or something similar in shape and size
– About 15 small beads (I used clear Swarovski beads)
– Strong craft glue, or clear naill polish (optional)
Helpful Tip:
When supply shopping, keep in mind that the higher the number, the thinner the wire. Likewise, the lower the number, the thicker the wire. In this case, the 14 gauge wire was used for the actual cuff, while the 28 gauge wire was used for the accents.


1) Using the round nosed tips of the pliers, create a loop.
2) Once the loop is created, the wire will look like the first picture. Take the loop and bend it so that it is flat but in the opposite direction, like the second photo.


3) Using the bottle as a mold, wrap the wire around a few times. You can do this as little or as many times as you’d like, depending on your arm cuff preference.
For my cuff, I wrapped the wire around 3 times before cutting it. This was about 25 inches worth of wire.


4) Create a loop at the opposite end, bending it flat as you did in Step 2.
5) Cut a strand of 28 gauge wire.


6) Tightly wrap the 28 gauge wire around the cuff. String on one bead, wrap around the cuff, then string on another bead. Repeat as desired.


7) To finish off the bead accents, tightly wrap the 28 gauge around the cuff. Trim the excess.


8) Repeat, according to your preference.
Optional/Recommended: After wrapping and trimming the 28 gauge wire, you can add a dab of glue or clear nail polish for extra security.



This type of arm cuff is easily adjustable! And of course, you don’t have to use gold wire…silver, brass, and copper are just some of the options out there. At that point, though, it wouldn’t be called “gilded”, seeing as how the definition involves a thin layer of gold. But that’s besides the point! Whatever you’re into, go for it.
Instead of Swarovski beads, try using stone chips or glass beads. Or maybe even a mix of all 3?Enjoy!