DIY Geometric Block Sculpture
as seen on darice home decor tutorials

DIY Geometric Block Sculpture (Darice Crafts)

It’s no secret that I love a good designer hack. Extra points for when it costs next to nothing. Either way, it’ll almost always set you back a fraction of the price. You’ll also get a dose of inspiration that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. This is exactly why I’m obsessed with DIY.

A while back, I spotted this $995 Kelly Wearstler marble trapezoid sculpture. I love the simplistic look, but can we just talk about that price tag?! So, for my latest tutorial at Darice Crafts, I decided to take make my own geometric block sculpture with wood cubes, white paint, and chalkboard tape.

Crazily enough, the result is basically identical. Sure, it isn’t fancy shmancy. But it’s lightweight, easy to make, and will save you about $985. Not bad, not bad.

To check out the full tutorial, head on over to Darice Crafts.

xx, K