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diy: Faux Stud Pocket Tee

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m all about “faux” projects…there’s something about the sheer cleverness of one thing emulating something else.
For example…
Ironically, the tights that I’m wearing in this post are faux garter tights from ASOS. I swear, I didn’t do it on purpose! Talk about proving the above point, though. 
In the last “dash of inspiration” post, I reminded myself that I wanted to make this project for quite some time. As with many of the tutorials here at s&p, it’s a great beginner DIY. See how I made it, below! 

– T-shirt (I used a Men’s tee from Uniqlo)
– Iron On Studs (Mine were purchased from M&J Trimming)
– Ruler
1) In the left top corner, place two studs about 3 in (7.62 cm) apart from each other. 
2) Apply the iron to each stud. I find that ironing studs one by one makes it easier to do so in a straight line. Applying an iron to several studs increases the risk of one or two shifting!
**I recommend slipping the shirt over the end of an ironing board during these steps. These were taken in my usual photography set up, for the sake of this tutorial!**
3) Underneath each stud you just ironed, add another stud about 3 in (7.62 cm). Add a third stud slightly below and in between those two.
4) Add one stud to the center of each of the four “sides”. This is my personal method of symmetrically figuring things out without measuring every little bit; adding the center item will help you gauge where to go from there on either side. 
Apply heat to set the studs.
5) Add one stud to both sides of each center stud. This will complete the “pocket” outline. 
6) This is the fun personalization part! You can fill in the entire “pocket” with studs, row by row.
Or, create a vertical line of studs.
Or maybe a cross-like pattern?
…Or maybe a double horizontal row.
Or maybe an X pattern. This is what I ended up going with!

The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to this one. Try it out with pyramid iron on studs, or even iron on rhinestones. I prefer working with Mens’ tees for the looser, oversize fit…not to mention, these Uniqlo tees are SO comfortable. You can also snag a shirt from your boyfriend’s/husband’s/brother’s/father’s/son’s closet…just don’t tell them I sent you.
Xo, Kirsten