I love quick and easy projects that help use up those leftover materials. This bracelet can be made in a matter of minutes (if not just one!) and is super easy to customize. I made 4 in one sitting, and will probably be making a handful more! I knew there was a reason why I’ve been saving those pesky awkward short lengths of chain 😉
This project came about while I was whipping up a few stretch jersey bracelets, something I often do with fabric scraps. I had just finished organizing some chain, so I spontaneously decided to bring some short lengths of chunky curb chain into the mix. And this project was born.

See how I made it, below! — 


– Stretch jersey (I used all t-shirt fabric!)
– Short lengths of thick curb chain. Leftovers from past projects work great.
– Fabric scissors

1) Cut a strip of jersey, measuring about 10 inches long.
2) Tie one end to the chain.

3) Tie the other end to the chain, making sure that the bracelet can fit you without too much stretching. Pull tightly to secure the knots.

4) Cut the excess fabric.

So easy and simple. The possibilities and chain/fabric combinations are practically endless!

Here, I paired the bracelet with some more handmade arm candy. The silver and black version will also probably in heavy rotation, too!