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diy: Blanket Print Clutch

Earlier in the week, I posted the Blanket Denim Jacket – an easy way to incorporate the long time blanket pattern trend that has been going on for quite some time. Because I had so much fabric leftover, I thought I’d whip up an over sized rectangle clutch and share it on s&p.
I love how the bright, fun colors can really add some pop to any simple outfit. This type of accessory would be ideal for music festivals and summer adventures. Maybe add a strap for a hands free and trendy piece? 
Check out how I made it, below:


– Blanket print fabric (I used the leftover fabric from the Blanket Denim Print Jacket!)
– Fabric scissors
– Fabric glue
– Thread
– Straight pins
– Zipper, around 14 inches long
– Sewing machine (not shown)
– Key chain or zipper pull, optional (I used a leather tassel from an old purse I had)

1) Cut a rectangle of fabric measuring about 16 inches by 22 inches. 
The 22 inch length will allow for folding one inch on each end.
2) At about 1 inch from either end, apply several thin lines of fabric glue.
3) Fold the fabric, and press lightly. Let dry and repeat on the other end. 
4) Optional, but definitely recommended: apply liquid seam sealant (such as Fray Check) or clear nail polish along the raw edges to prevent further unraveling.

5) On one end, pin the zipper. Make sure the “front” side of the zipper is facing the “inside” of the fabric.

6) Sew along the pins.

7) Pin the other side of the zipper to the other end of the fabric. 

8) To make sewing this part easier, cut “open” the bottom of the clutch. You can sew this back together again later – it will just be easier to maneuver the fabric through the sewing machine, while attaching the zipper.

9) Sew. Again, make sure the front side of the zipper is facing the inside of the fabric.

If needed, trim the zipper to the clutch’s size. Secure with a few hand stitches around the zipper’s end.

10) With the clutch still facing inside out, pin around all 3 edges. Sew.
**Before doing this: zip open the zipper a bit, so you can turn it inside out**
Turn the clutch inside out, and add a key chain or pendant to the zipper. I think a leather tassel works perfectly with the Southwestern vibe of this project.
 Of course, you can do use this tutorial for practically any fabric. Choose your favorite!