DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings
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DIY Bandanna Scrap Fabric Earrings

Nothing makes me happier than turning scraps, leftovers, and remnants into something awesome. It’s the perfect way to save stuff from the trash while pushing the imagination. Take these fabric earrings, for example. They’re crazy easy to make and lightweight. And since I started out with half of a white bandanna, I  can obviously make 12392173872 more pairs. Either that or I’ll brainstorm another project 😉

DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings


  • Bandanna (or any other cotton fabric)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 6 or 7mm jump rings (6)
  • Earring hooks (2)

DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings

1. Cut (or rip) two small rectangles, measuring about 2 x 3 inches each. You can make them smaller or larger, depending on your preference.

DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings

2. Position a rectangle so that the short sides are along the top and bottom. Curl the corners in, forming a cone. Gather the top into a point and slide through two jump rings.

DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings

3. Using the flat portion of the pliers, squeeze the jump rings to secure.

4. Pierce a jump ring through the top of the fabric. Add an earring hook.

DIY Bandanna Earrings

Every last bit counts, people.

DIY Bandanna Scrap Earrings


You can use this little technique for more than just bandannas, though. Any type of cotton fabric works great. It just goes to show how scraps can be put to good use.

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Tutorial Photos: Kirsten Nunez
Lifestyle Images: Haruka Sakaguchi