DIY Soap Bars with Succulents
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DIY Soap Bars With Succulents (Darice Crafts)

If you follow me on Instagram (@kirsten_nunez), you might have noticed that my plant lady side is in full force. I just can’t seem to get enough! My latest project, for example, include a clay air plant holder. There’s also a metallic tattoo planter at MORE. And that’s only brushing the surface.

When it came time to make another project for Darice Crafts, I had to keep the trend going. The result? Homemade succulent soap bars. These darling little creations were also scented with essential oils, like lime and grapefruit. Talk about the perfect summer aroma.

Of course, these DIY soap bars were made with faux succulents. Darice has an amazing line of fake plants, so I couldn’t resist.

To learn how to make them yourself, head to Darice’s craft blog, Live.Craft.Love.

xx, K