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DIY: Color Blocked Rhinestone Bracelet

While browsing Anthropologie, I came across this bracelet ($28). I happened to have all of the supplies except the bangle, which I picked up at Michael’s for $4. Even if you bought all of the supplies, your total would probably be barely half of Anthro’s version. There are endless color possibilities when it comes to embroidery thread, so there are so many potential outcomes for this project! I actually really like Anthro’s green version, so I might have to try and recreate that color combo.
I’m thinking one with all black thread would be pretty rad.  See how I made it, below!





– Metal bangle
– Strong craft glue such as E6000
– Embroidery thread in the colors of your choice
– Rhinestone trim
You’ll also need:
Scissors, and masking tape (optional/useful)
1) Cut a length of rhinestone trim that is slightly longer than the perimeter of the bangle.
 2) Glue one end of the rhinestone trim to one end of the bangle. This is where a little bit of tape comes in handy, to keep the trim in place while you start wrapping the thread.
3) Cut a long piece of thread for your first color. I eyeballed this, and just simply cut an extremely long strand. However, if you’re limited in your thread and aren’t sure how much you’re going to use, you can just keep the skein together while you wrap in the steps below. 
4) Tie one end of the thread around the end of the rhinestone trim. Double knot for security. You can do this along the inside of the bangle if you’d like – which is a little more tricky, but possible! – but for the first one I just did it on the top.
5) Start wrapping around the rhinestone trim. I was able to wrap about 8 times between each rhinestone. I wrapped the thread as if I was making an ‘x’ in between the rhinestones – look closely, you’ll see what I mean!
I did 6 sets of wrapped thread, but you can do more or less on your preference.


6) When you’re done with a color, trim the thread and place a small dot of glue along the inside of the bangle. Tie the next color on.
7) Continue wrapping in the same way. 
8) Continue with the remaining colors.

9) At the end, trim and glue the thread. Cut off the remaining rhinestone trim.



xx, K