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Verily Magazine: 3 Sneaky Things Retailers Do on Black Friday

As a lady who’s worked many Black Fridays, I’m pretty biased when it comes to this “holiday”. I’ve held my fair share of retail positions, many of which were at an outlet mall right outside of New York City. You can only imagine the type of customers that came through. 

Let’s just say, most of them had a lot of dollars to their name. Like… a lot of dollars.

Working as a sales associate at high-end retailers was extremely eye-opening. I learned so much about the world of materialism, entitlement, and greed. It also really made me value the simple things in life.

Am I totally against the world of retail? No, of course not. It provides job opportunities for so many people of all ages and educational backgrounds. However, I totally believe it’s one of those things that should be approached with care. 

Over at Verily Magazine, I recently shed some light on the sneaky, secret things major retailers tend to do on Black Friday. I’m hoping this will help readers open up those shopping blind spots that can easily cloud our judgement. 

Shopping local, independent, and handmade is way cooler, anyway 😉

To read the article at Verily, click here. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Image Credit: Bell Ella Boutique / Verily Magazine