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eHow DIY: Macrame Watch Strap

So, I think it’s safe to say that the macrame trend has officially become a classic craft… yet again. It honestly does not show any sign of disappearing, and I am all for it. Personally, I adore mini macrame projects, like this DIY macrame pendant I made for eHow. It’s great when you get that itch …

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How To Infuse Honey With Rose
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How Infuse Honey With Rose

My home is filled with jars and jars of dried flowers, herbs, and spices… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. These materials bring food and crafting to an entirely new level. Floral face scrubs? Yes, please. Homemade teas? I’ll take three. And then there’s things like cinnamon soy wax melts, air fresheners, and lavender …

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DIY Stone Air Plant Holder
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DIY Stone Air Plant Holder

Air plants are too cool. You can’t deny it. For starters, they defy the “typical” plant, as they don’t need any soil to survive. They can also “live” in countless containers, making them super versatile. Plus, they’re real easy to care for, and only need to be soaked once a month. (Brown thumbs, I’m looking at you.) Talk …

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Clay Air Plant Holder DIY

My love for plants has always been strong. But for whatever reason, it’s been in full force during these last few months. Like, growing-radishes-and-chamomile-in-my-small-apartment kind of full force. This means 9873284 more botanical DIY projects are on the way, obviously! So, for this week’s craft tutorial, I whipped up a little air plant holder with air drying …

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Rose Earl Grey Scrub

This DIY rose earl grey scrub was born out of my two latest obsession: rose-infused things and earl grey tea. There’s something so soothing about the scent of roses, especially in tea or candle form. And then there’s earl grey, a tea that has managed to replace my coffee addiction. (There, I said it.) It’s even gotten to …

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DIY Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Few things make me happier than food-related crafts. It’s like 2-in-1 deal. These DIY reusable beeswax wraps are the perfect example. Last year, I discovered beeswax wraps at a grocery store in SF and fell in love. It was super cool to see how little waste I was producing while storing my food. I don’t use plastic …

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Darice: Confetti Christmas Card
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Darice DIY: Christmas Confetti Card

When it comes to gift giving, making your own greeting cards is perfect for using up leftover supplies and remnants. I like to think of it as a little scrapbook or collage. They’re especially excellent for those awkward pieces of paper or random embellishments. Most importantly, they are way cooler than anything you’ll find in the store. …

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