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Bustle: Gingersnap Cookie Butter Recipe

I’m all about edible gifts during the holidays. Maybe it’s the minimalist side of me that believes people don’t need meaningless stuff, stuff, and more stuff. And while I can totally back a DIY gift made with thought and care, an edible present can be enjoyed in more ways than one.

Recently, I tried my hand at homemade gingersnap cookie butter… and I am obsessed. It’s easy, inexpensive, and freakin’ addicting. It might not be the healthiest (hello, butter and condensed milk) but it makes for an amazing and occasional treat. I personally love to eat it with wheat pretzels and bananas. Sometimes I’ll add a small spoon to a homemade pumpkin smoothie.

Ready to give it a spin? Head to Bustle for my DIY gingersnap cookie butter recipe.

x K