Fix: 6 Cheap DIY Appetizers
as seen on fix Guide: 6 Cheap DIY Appetizers

Appetizers are my favorite. They’re easy to make, serve, and most of all… EAT! In the midst of all the holiday festivities, I thought I’d share one of my latest guides at This one is all about cheap DIY appetizer ideas, from stuffed mini peppers (yum) to tortellini skewers (yes, please).

Need a recommendation? The goat cheese balls are my top pick. This particular recipe is extremely easy to customize, thanks to the simplicity of goat cheese. I like to think of it as a “canvas” for all your favorite fixings. Dried cranberries, figs, and brown sugar would be amazing for the holidays.

For the complete guide, head to Fix’s website for inexpensive homemade appetizers. Happy eating!

xx K