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diy: Stacked Barrette Necklace


I know I’ve been going kind of crazy with the in depth sewing projects lately…so here’s a simple, easy necklace. While running errands yesterday, I stopped by Dollar Tree to grab some packaging tape, & spotted this pack of 3 barrettes (for $1). I instantly thought of a mod, retro inspired statement necklace – and it only takes a few minutes to make.


– 3 or so plastic barrettes
– Thick chain; I used about 40 inches
– A jump ring or two
– Jewelry pliers
– Super/E6000 glue
– Scissors, if needed




1) Open up the barrettes and figure out where you’d like the chain to lay. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like the extra chain hanging at the bottom.



2) Carefully place some glue in the two deepest grooves, on each side.



3) Do this on all three barrettes, and carefully place the chain onto the glue.



4) For some extra security, add a little more glue on top of the chain.



5) Close the barrettes. Let dry completely.



6) Trim the chain if needed. Use a jump ring and pliers to attach the ends of the chain together.


Easy? So easy.

 Can you believe it’s July already? I ask, because my answer is no. Half of 2011 is officially over (?!?!)……..S&P’s first birthday is this month (on the 15th), the day after I turn 23 (on the 14th). I’m planning something for that, so keep an eye out for some fun things.



If there’s anything I love about July, though, it’s the amount of SUN. I was outside painting at 7:30pm and there was still a ton of sunshine. Not too hot and not too cool…just the perfect kind of weather.


…& I finally finished these paintings. I’ve shared the elephant before, & the tiger was done a few months ago, but the lion used to be orange so I completely redid that (yellow is way more appropriate for a lion).

If you live in the U.S. – have a safe & awesome 4th of July weekend! <3