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diy: Ombre Suede Wrapped Bracelet

A few days ago, I came across this bracelet on Anthropologie. I automatically knew I had all the supplies to make a DIY version (I love it when that happens) so of course I had to add it to my to do list. Just even thinking about this combination makes my DIY loving heart skip a beat…ombre + suede + rhinestones? Yes yes and yes. 🙂
Here’s how I made it:






  • Metal bangle bracelet of your choice
  • (I’ve had this rhinestone bracelet from H&M for years!)
  • Suede lacing, preferably in a light color.
  • (6 feet was enough for my bangle, but it also depends on the thickness of your cord & bracelet)
  • Foam paint brush or sponge
  • Acrylic paints in the color of your choice
  • (The Americana Bahama Blue & Sea Aqua were received c/o Deco Art, thank you!)
You’ll also need:
Scrap cardboard, scissors, strong craft glue such as E6000, tape
1) Tape one end of the suede lacing to the cardboard, wrap around, and tape down the other end. Make sure the cord doesn’t twist or turn while you’re wrapping; you’re going to be painting one entire flat side of the cord.

2) Begin applying paint with the foam brush. I used short even strokes.


3) While the paint is still wet, add some of the next color. Let dry completely.


3) Turn the cardboard around and repeat on the other side.
4) Don’t forget to blend the paints together to achieve that ombre look. (But don’t over do it, otherwise your colors will just muddle together)


5) Let that side dry, and unwrap the suede from the cardboard.


6) Apply some glue on the inside of the bracelet.


7) Press one end of the suede into the glue, firmly holding it down until it stays in place. Begin wrapping the suede around the bangle.

8) It might take a little trial and error to figure out how tightly you’d like to wrap the suede around the bracelet. I wrapped mine fairly close together, but not close enough so that the rhinestone is completely hidden.

9) While you’re working around the bangle (and determine how you are going to wrap the suede), add some glue to the inside of the bangle every now and then to keep the suede in place.

Keep wrapping until the entire bracelet is covered.

10) Add a little glue, firmly press down and then cut away the excess cord.

11) Let the glue dry.

I started off with 8 feet of suede lacing, and used about 6 feet for the bracelet, so I had roughly 28 inches left. I used that to wrap a portion of a skinny black bangle I had laying around. Similar method, but I wrapped the suede closer together. Love it.
Xo, Kirsten