diy: Floral Statement Necklace

I’ve always loved roaming the non-jewelry aisles to find materials to use for necklaces, bracelets, etc. The scrapbook aisle is perfect for this, and really opens up a whole new batch of possibilities. I personally don’t scrap book, but you can find some useful supplies for fashion projects in this section. For this project, I used flower embellishments to create a bright and fun statement necklace. Keep reading to see how I made it!


Supplies:– 7 scrapbook flower embellishments **
– 7 cameo settings **
– Chain of your preference
– Medium sized jump rings (at least 4), jewelry clasp, miniature jump rings (4-5 mm should work fine)
– Round nosed jewelry pliers, scissors, strong craft glue

** Obviously, you can use less or more than 7 pieces for this. It’s up to you! The flower embellishments I used are by the company Recollections, which can be purchased at Michael’s for a few dollars in a wide variety of colors. As for the settings, there are many types out there, but this project requires
this exact style. They will most likely be under the name “round lace”
or something similar. I chose 20mm round settings in oxidized brass – bought here – but you can also go for oval settings, or choose a different type of metal.


1) Using the pliers, carefully pry one loop out so that it lays perfectly flat. Repeat on another loop, directly on the opposite side.



2) Repeat this on the remaining settings.



3) Glue the flowers of your choice onto the center of the settings.



4) When you’re finished, let dry. Determine the order of colors you’d like to place them in.



5) Connect the settings together using the smaller jump rings and pliers.



6) Connect the last two settings on both sides to a piece of chain. If needed, use the scissors/pliers to shorten the chain to suit your liking. Connect the ends of the chain together with the jewelry clasp.



An instagram shot of the necklace in action 🙂