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DIY: Anti-Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Magnets

If you’ve been following Studs & Pearls/myself for a while, you know how much I love to combine craftiness and sassiness. This holiday project is no exception. Last year, I created a just-for-fun watercolor painting of anti-Valentine’s Day candy hearts. Everyone loved it, so this year I wanted to re-create it in a different way. Keep reading to see how!


Wood Heart Shapes  
Magnets (I used 3 per heart. If using heavy duty rhodium magnets, 1-2 would probably be enough!)
– Foam Brush or Paint Brush
– Red Letter Stickers (These are by Recollections, available at Michaels)* 

– Pastel Acrylic Paints (Or you can mix white with various shades you already have on hand)

* I love the clean block design of these particular stickers. Recollections makes these letter stickers in quite a few colors. Whatever brand you use, choose a font that is simple and easy to read – just like the real candy hearts!

1) Paint the hearts and let dry.
2) Add cheeky and sassy sayings! I’m definitely liking the look of all caps, but I made a few with lowercase letters just to show you how they would look.
3) Glue magnets to the back side of each heart. 
4) Once dry, send them to your ex-boyfriend, your evil college Physics professor, or the lady that cut you off in the parking lot.
Or, you can spare yourself the trouble and stick them on your fridge for a good laugh.

It’s a great way to send a message, though…


Just kidding. I like you guys.