DIY Lisa Frank Costumes: Rainbow Unicorn
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DIY Lisa Frank Halloween Costume: Rainbow Unicorn

Calling all ’90s girls… this one’s for you! The third installment of my DIY Lisa Frank Halloween costume trio features Markie the Rainbow Unicorn. Like the Panda Painter (on Bustle) and the Ballerina Bunny, this one is extremely easy. Here’s how to make it! Supplies: Neon feather boa * Safety pins (optional) Large hair clip …

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DIY Lisa Frank Costumes: Panda Painter
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DIY Lisa Frank Halloween Costume: Panda Painter

My craft-obsessed self adores the Halloween season. It gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with outrageous materials, styles, and items that you typically wouldn’t use. Take these DIY Lisa Frank Halloween costumes, for example. I dove straight into a world of vibrant neon rainbow goodness. The end result? A noteworthy ’90s-inspired costume that is …

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