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DIY: Studded Faux Fur Coffee Sleeve

For most busy women — AKA: all of us! — no morning is complete without a hot cup of java. At least, that’s how I see it…and while coffee almost always comes with a cardboard sleeve, who says you have to settle? With this DIY, you can whip up a unique re-usable sleeve to protect your hands in the most badass, environmentally friendly way. Granted, there’s still the paper cup, but at least 1/2 of the duo is re-usable. For this project, all you need is a few supplies, some basic crafting skills and an afternoon.


– 12 ½” x 4” Short Haired Faux Fur Fabric
– 11 ½” x 2” Sturdy Fabric (Suede, denim & canvas are all great options)
– Fabric Scissors
– Fabric Glue
– Needle and Thread
– 5” Strip of Velcro
– 3” Studded Trim

1. Apply glue to the suede, denim or canvas.

2. Turn the faux fur over so that the back side is facing you. Place the fabric in the center, with the glue side facing down.

3. Using the fabric scissors, cut out all four corners of the faux fur. Each corner will equate to a rectangle measuring ½” in width and 1” in height.

4. Apply glue to all four edges.

5. Fold over the top and bottom edges, and press down gently to secure.

6. Fold over the left and right edges, and press down gently to secure.

7. Cut the 5” strip of Velcro in half.

8. At one end, add two vertical lines of fabric glue about ½” from the edge.

9. Separate the Velcro strips from each other. Place two of the same side (shown here, the fuzzy “loop” sides) on top of the glue.

10. Glue the second half of the Velcro to the opposite end, but on the reverse side of the faux fur. Let dry completely. When you join the Velcro together, it should form a circular structure.

11. If necessary, add a few hand stitches to the Velcro strips for extra security.

12. Attach the Velcro together, and glue the studded trim to the center of the sleeve. Leave to dry.


 Not a bad way to start a Monday morning.
Tutorial Images: Kirsten Nunez