DIY: Stars & Stripes Denim Shorts
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DIY: Stars & Stripes Denim Shorts

I know we all say this every month, but this year is seriously flying by. Is it really nearing the end of June already? I remember NYE like it was yesterday. In preparation for this summer’s festivities, I whipped up a quick and easy Independence Day themed project for those of you in America. You’ll only need a few supplies for this one!


– Denim Shorts
– Star Stickers
– Washi Tape (or Thin Masking Tape)
– Fabric Paint
– Foam Brush

I used black fabric paint because I wanted the design to be subtle, but feel free to use something that will pop a bit more – whether it’s bright red or white, or black on light denim jeans.

1) Add strips of washi/masking tape to each leg. On one leg, add a couple star stickers as shown above.


2) Apply paint in large, even motions.


 3) Let dry completely, then peel off the tape and stickers.
Pretty easy! This is one of those projects that can be whipped up in an afternoon. Again, if you want your stars and stripes to have a little more pop, feel free to use a different color paint or a lighter denim. Can’t wait to wear mine this July 4th! 
xx K