Happy 6th Anniversary!

News: Happy 6th Anniversary!

Somehow, this website (formerly Studs & Pearls) is now six years old. SIX! It’s been a whirlwind of a couple years and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve met some of closest friends because of this blog.

And while I certainly don’t have “it” all figured out (does anyone at 28? Or any age, for that mater?)… unleashing my ideas into the world has made me realize what I truly love to do: create. Whether it’s in the form of words or beads or food, I just want to create. With that said, I couldn’t thank you guys enough for hanging out with me in my little corner of the Web.

There’s quite a few of you that have been following me for ages. These are the ladies that bought my book the moment it was published and supported every little one of my creative endeavors. By now, we’re probably friends on every social media outlet and I feel like I basically know you. I’m sincerely hoping that by some weird turn of events, I can meet each and every one of you someday. I owe you a big ol’ hug.

Yesterday, I turned 28. However, I’m always way more stoked for the subsequent birthday of this blog.

Thank you for following along since 2010. Here’s to many more years! 

xx K