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DIY: Studded Wedges

This is another one of those DIYs that came to me out of the blue, and of course I dropped everything I was doing to quickly put it together. I had purchased these suede wedges from in a gorgeous bordeaux color a while ago, planning to do a completely different project. A few days later I realized I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the original idea…but fortunately this idea popped into my head this morning.

Last November I used furniture nails to stud a pair of black vintage boots. It was a mini project and I really liked the concept of it.



The wedges, pre-studs.
All of the furniture nails I had leftover from the 5 WAYS: Hardware Supplies post. Antique looking brass flowers.
Using a hammer, I carefully inserted 3 nails on to each side of the wedge.  I had enough nails to go all around, but the backbone of the heel is too tough for nails to go through. You can see above where the point at which the third nail stopped – that’s where the hardest part of the heel is. Make sure you inspect your wedges before nailing anything in…and like I’ve said in the past, when doing this, watch your fingers!



You can find furniture nails at any hardware store. They come in a pretty big variety of styles, and aren’t expensive at all.