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diy: Stone Cap Ring


Another simple project using hardware supplies – in this case, a compression cap. For other hardware related projects, check out the Stone Filled Metal Bracelet and the Fabric Hinge Bracelet!

This was a great way for me to use up some leftover turquoies stone chips. I had such an awkward amount left, but held onto them just in case. Pretty glad that I finally found a use for them. Of course, you can use any kind of beads or materials that you have on hand. Keep reading to see how I made the ring! —

3/8 in. brass compression cap (I bought mine at Home Depot)
– Strong craft glue such as E6000
– Ring blank
– Jewelry gel (or clear nail polish)
– Turquoise stone chips, or any other type of bead you have on hand

1) Fill the cap with a thin, even layer of jewelry gel.

2) Fill the cap with the stone chips, and add another thin layer of jewelry gel, making sure it is evenly dispersed.

3) Let dry completely. Glue a ring blank to the back of the compression cap and let dry overnight.

All done!