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diy: Scalloped Sunglasses

A couple days ago, I posted some photos featuring this week’s inspiration: scalloped prints! I love scalloped details because of the hint of femininity it can add to any outfit. For this week’s DIY, I upgraded a plain jane pair of sunglasses with a scalloped pattern. The steps are so simple that you might even be surprised.
They were initially inspired by a pair of $295 Chloé sunglasses that I spotted at Saks Fifth Ave. about a month ago (below). I fell in love with them, but the gold scallops reminded me of a different material that can easily be substituted.
Photo Credit: Chloé Oversized Square Frame Sunglasses, $295 (Barneys)
…Metallic nail strips! These are by Maybelline, and cost about $8.

 I also used a $14 pair of shades that I bought at Pacsun (they were buy one get one half off, so I bought two – technically, I paid less than $14 for each pair). Therefore, I roughly spent less than $20 for a pair of Chloé inspired scalloped shades.

Check out the super easy how-to, below!

– Sunglasses with a thick rim, such as wayfarers or cat eyes 
– Metallic nail strips
( I used Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers in 80 Platinum Standard)
– Sharp scissors 
1) Cut across one set of nail strips. If you’re iffy about freehanding it with scissors, you can use a paper cutter.

2) Carefully place the 5 biggest half strips on the edge of the shades. You might use less or more depending on the thickness of your sunglasses’ frames. Keep in mind that the strips will gradually become thinner, but it also might not be that noticeable (such as above!).
3) Smooth out any creases, and carefully reposition as needed.

4) Fold the edges over the frame. If they aren’t even, don’t worry about it – no one can see them! However, if you’d like for them to be lined up, trim the strips before pressing them over the edge.

 And…you’re done. 
How easy was that? With something so accessible as nail strips, you can add a scalloped print to practically anything. The round edges can create the perfect faux-scalloped pattern!
Enjoy xx
Xo, Kirsten