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DIY: Ring Tray Holder

 This is probably already a given, but my following collections are pretty huge:

1) Fabric and old clothes to re-use.
2) Jewelry, mostly handmade of course. By myself or other people.

Recently, I decided I needed to figure out a better way to store my rings. I used to hold them in a small container on my dresser, but my stash has far out grown it. I thought it’d be nice to store them in a way that displays them as well, so when I dug up this wooden tray holder I thrifted a while back, I knew exactly what I could make. Using almost three entire old sweaters and a yard of black textured jersey, I made this ring holder.




The best part: I was able to use up my fabric stash, something I’m really trying to do this year. I keep all of it in my closet…and the clothes to fabric ratio is almost equal. This ring holder also works perfectly for my bigger stud earrings, making sure each one is with its partner.
Keep reading to see how I made it !


– Thrifted tray. Any size, any type. Preferably with some depth to it.
– Sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies
(I used 2 1/2 sweaters, sleeves included. How many you need will depend on how big your tray is)
– Your choice of exterior fabric
(Again, amount will vary)
– Glue gun
– Hot glue gun sticks. Lots of them!! (**not shown)
– Scissors
– Rings, rings, rings

An ideal tray would be one that has some depth to it. Something that has flat sides might not really work for this project, so look for something that has an outer rim.

1) Cut the sweatshirt, and figure out about how wide you’ll need each piece of fabric to be.

2) Start rolling up the sweatshirt fabric, gluing every so often.

Stop rolling until it reaches a thickness that will fit comfortably in your tray. Trim the extra fabric. I made this first roll to simply gauge how much fabric I’ll need to cut from there on in.

3) Cut a strip of the second fabric, a little longer than the roll of sweater fabric.

4) Wrap around the roll of sweatshirt fabric, gluing where appropriate. Fold up the sides and secure with hot glue.

Make sure it fits snugly in your tray!

5) Continue cutting more fabric from the sweater(s).

6) Wrap all of them in the exterior fabric.

7) Place them in the tray to make sure that they all fit comfortably. Keep them tight and close together, enough so that they can actually hold a ring in between them. When you’re good to go, carefully hot glue each roll of fabric to the tray.

Display your rings and earrings!

Mostly handmade, along with a few from Forever 21, JewelMint and thrift stores.

 So easy. I also love the fact that I recycled three pieces of clothing AND a yard of black fabric that I’ve had for almost a year. I also bought the vintage wooden tray some time ago. When I was in college, I used to sell jewelry at fairs and used this tray as a display. I haven’t really used it since then, so to was nice to give it a purpose again.

xx K