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diy: Mini Dream Catcher

This project is perfect for a weekend afternoon. I love mini versions of anything, so this is definitely one of my favorites. It also uses a slightly unexpected item; small crocheted doilies found in the scrapbook/embellishment section. Once it’s finished, you can either hang it up, or attach it to a long strand of chain to create a necklace. Other ideas are hanging it on your car’s rear view mirror or using it as a keychain. Keep reading to see how I made it!


– Small crocheted lace doilies*
– Thin bangle or bracelet blank*
– Scissors and jewelry pliers
– Sewing thread and needle
– 3 strands of chain
– 3 charms of your choice
– Several jump rings

** I found these small crocheted embellishments in the scrapbook section of Michael’s. There’s 6 in a pack, all slightly different sizes. I also used a wire bracelet blank. This is meant to have charms or beads strung on to it, in order to make a customized bracelet. The ends hook together as a closure. You can also even just use a skinny bangle, which are much easier to find! There might already even be one in your jewelry stash.

1) Choose a crocheted embellishment that works best for your bracelet. The best choice would be one that needs to be stretched (in order to create that dream catcher look) without breaking or ripping. Once you decide on crocheted piece, thread the needle and insert it through one end of the embellishment. Tightly tie the thread multiple times onto the bracelet.

2) Repeat, all around the crocheted embellishment. Eventually, you’ll see the dream catcher look start to form.

3) Keep threading and tying, all around the crocheted embellishment.

4) Using the pliers and jump rings, attach the 3 strands of chain to the bracelet.

5) Using more jump rings, attach the charms to the end of the chains.

Right now, mine is hanging up on a magnetic hook on my metal bulletin board. It’s next to an Alice in Wonderland magnet, vintage sewing patterns, some Polaroids, a screen printed feather patch by Lune Vintage, and small miscellaneous magnets made from bottle caps, buttons and band pins 🙂